Four 5's DrillShooting accurately is a perishable skill. Shooting accurately and fast, even more so. While this drill is not going to be very hard for seasoned or professional shooters it aims to provide a focused drill for the casual shooter who may not have hours a day or even every week to get to the range. It is more of a warm-up drill or maintenance drill for those who wish to shoot with purpose when they can. Just two to four of the Four 5's drill targets provide a decent, repetitive shooting drill for casual, defensive shooters to maintain a base proficiency in drawing from the holster and placing rounds on target.

Print out a couple, head to the range at lunch, buy a box of 50 (Support your local range/store), shoot the Four 5's 8-10 times, keep your baseline skills sharp! And please tag us on IG @bodyheatllc and #four5sdrill ! Most of all have fun and #followthefour and stay safe!

Equip, Train, Live! Click the image to print!

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