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Men's Concealed Carry Holster

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Our premier concealed carry harness and holster for men.

Concealed Carry Harness w/Holster is designed especially for men. For the modesty of the model, it is being shown with a shirt but it has been sewn to be worn next to the skin so no additional layers are necessary. This makes it ideal for concealed carry from under a dress shirt. It has smaller, 1-inch webbing, adjustable front and backslides, and a 3-inch elastic insert in the back creates a smooth and comfortable fit. The holster pocket is sewn on with a Moisture Wicking Material between the fabric layers to prevent perspiration issues. There is also a Single Magazine Pocket and a secondary phone/wallet/cash pocket sewn into the opposite side. The secondary pocket is large enough for two extra magazines or most cell phones and or a small wallet or credit card/cash stash. 

Measurement for the harness is based on the measurement around your sternum just below the pectoral muscles.

Firearm Holster is available in two sizes - 3.5"-5.5" in OA Length - Small Holster and 4"-7" in OA Length - Medium Holster. Harness/Holster is currently available in black (white & nude coming soon).

Due to the current product orders, Delivery timeframe is 1 - 2 weeks from the order being placed. We appreciate your patience.

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