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Utah CFP Class (Private)

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Utah Concealed Firearm Permit class. 4 - 5 Hours, 

Includes Fingerprints, Photo, DL copies, Minimum Utah Training Curriculum, Free Gun Lock, all info, and materials needed to submit your Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Application. DO NOT BRING LIVE AMMUNITION TO THE CLASS! You can bring your handgun (UNLOADED) if you'd like to ask questions and become more familiar with its operation. Please e-mail us at [email protected] to schedule a class. The minimum class size is 5 people. Women's only classes available (Make it a Ladies Night!)


• Current Utah law relating to firearms
• Concealed carry statues and rules
• Provision carry permits
• The use of deadly force by private citizens
• Justification of force
• Firearm familiarity
• Basic handgun safety
• Fundamentals of shooting
• Concealed carry ammunition
• Firearms transport
• Utah reciprocity (Carry-in 35 States)

Any of our courses can be scheduled for private groups at your home or business. A private class allows for more one on one instruction from the instructor.

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