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BodyHeat Four 5's Drill (Free Target)

Four 5's DrillShooting accurately is a perishable skill. Shooting accurately and fast, even more so. While this drill is not going to be very hard for seasoned or professional shooters it aims to provide a focused drill for the casual shooter who may not have hours a day or even every week to get to the range. It is more of a warm-up drill or maintenance drill for those who wish to shoot with purpose when they can. Just two to four of the Four 5's drill targets provide a decent, repetitive shooting drill for casual, defensive shooters to maintain a base proficiency in drawing from the holster and placing rounds on target.

Print out a couple, head to the range at lunch, buy a box of 50 (Support your local range/store), shoot the Four 5's 8-10 times, keep your baseline skills sharp! And please tag us on IG @bodyheatllc and #four5sdrill ! Most of all have fun and #followthefour and stay safe!

Equip, Train, Live! Click the image to print!

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Bodyheat Marksmanship Target (FREE) Just For Fun Target

Download our latest, fun target for a day at the range with friends!
Click the image below to Download and Print!

Bodyheat Marksmanship Target (FREE)
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BodyHeat Free Pistol Diagnostic Target

Why pay for targets when you get one for free? Bodyheat has some good ones for you, with our Free Pistol Diagnostic Target! More will be added over time, so more and more will be able to print off as many targets as they like. FOR FREE!

Paper shooting targets are certainly the most common form of target that people use, but why continue to buy them when you can just print one?

That's where free printable targets come in handy. You can just download it in PDF form and print it yourself from the comfort of your home. Stock up on them and grab a stack next time you're hitting the range. This way, you can keep your shooting skills sharp. CliCk HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND PRINT


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The Bodyheat 42 Drill

THE 42 Drill or Make a statement Drill!

The 42 Drill is a timed cadence and accuracy drill meant to push your limits in all three of those skills, speed, rhythm (trigger manipulation) and accuracy. It is designed as an advanced drill and as such, you should expect to be frustrated by it.

There are two ways to shoot the 42:

The first is to shoot it as stated on the target:

From 42 feet (14 yards) away from target
On timer "beep" Draw!
Shoot 4 shots inside of top circle
Shoot 2 shots inside of your choice of left or right small circle
Shoot 1 shot inside center diamond
Slide locks back, reload with fresh magazine
Shoot 4 shots inside of bottom circle
Shoot 2 shots inside of remaining (fresh, or unshot) left or right small circle
Shoot 1 shot inside center diamond
Time to score is 14 seconds or less, all hits breaking the line of any circle or the diamond count.

The Second way to shoot it (The HARD way)

From 42 feet (14 yards) away from target
On timer "beep" Draw!
Shoot 4 shots inside of top circle
Shoot 1 shot inside of your choice of left or right small circle
Shoot 1 shot inside of the remaining left or right small circle
Shoot 1 shot inside center diamond
Slide locks back, reload with fresh magazine
Shoot 4 shots inside of bottom circle
Shoot 1 shot inside of your choice of left or right small circle not yet shot a second time
Shoot 1 shot inside of the remaining left or right small circle not yet shot a second time
Shoot 1 shot inside center diamond
Time to score is 10 seconds or less, all hits breaking the line of any circle or the diamond count.

Print out the half size target to shoot the drill at 21 feet (7 yards)
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What To Consider Before Buying a Deep Concealment Holster

BodyHeat Original Women's Deep Conceal HolsterThe purpose of buying such a holster is to carry close to your skin as secretly as you can and keep it hidden from the general populace. 

Here are a few things you should consider before investing in a holster that provides deep concealment.

  • Concealment – This is the first and foremost priority and features that must be checked. The whole purpose of buying the holster is to provide concealment. The firearm should be hidden and concealed properly without any imprinting and without having to wear layers of clothes or jacket.

  • Comfort – The holsters are mostly available as shoulder or under the waistband holsters which makes it important to check the comfort level. The holster should be comfortable for long day use and adjustable to position it right.

  • Access – Deep concealment should not compromise the ease of access or drawing of the firearm. The access to the gun should be easy and quick so that it can be used instantly during an emergency. The reholstering of the firearm should also be easy.

  • Retention – The firearm should be placed and positioned appropriately in the holster which is why it’s important to have great retention. The holster should have added straps for proper retention of both the firearm and extra ammunition if available as an option.

Join the NRA, help fight for your constitution and rights! Save up to $40 CLICK HERE TO JOIN OR RENEW!
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